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We are delighted to be able to offer Sports Massage here at the Fitness Function. 



Our fully qualified therapist, Emily Pickering, can provide 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute treatments, tailored to your needs.



There are many benefits of Sports Massage, including:


·         Reduce pain (eg sciatic pain, neck pain, shoulder and rotator cuff pain, upper and lower back pain, hip and knee pain)

·         Improve posture

·         Increase circulation

·         Reduce the risk of injury

·         Quicker recovery post-exercise

·         Increase flexibility



Emily has worked as a Personal trainer since 2011, working with leading industry brands such as David Lloyd and Nuffield Health. Helping a variety of clients suffering from pain encouraged Emily to study sports injury in closer detail.


Emily gained her qualification in Level 3 sports massage in 2015 and has built up a loyal client base, treating injuries from 'Tennis elbow' to 'Runners knee.' Having this extra skill set Emily apart from other trainers in the gym, as she was able to treat her clients as soon as any pain or injury arose.


Since then, Emily has set up her own Sports Massage business and has built up the skills and knowledge to help diagnose and treat anyone suffering from unnecessary pain.


Whether you are a gym-goer suffering from an injury or an office worker with niggling back pain, be sure to contact Emily for a free 20 minute taster or consultation.




"This week I have turned a corner, having battled with my weight and fitness since my early thirties. Every other time I have made progress towards my goal I have had an injury that has caused me to back away and lose all gains. This week you have helped me to train through a painful leg injury and keep going, not only using your expertise to treat me, but also your experience to vary the training to avoid pain, yet continue moving towards my goal"

Kevin Archibald


"I have made such significant progress since working with Emily that I sometimes forget how bad things were before I sought her help.  Like many people nursing injuries; I put off seeking professional help until the simplest of things (like putting on shoes and socks) became a real struggle.  I was really impressed by Emily’s friendly, approachable and professional manner.  She is naturally a very positive person and (importantly) I felt reassured after just one session that we would be able to make progress.  It took some time and effort, but Emily has been absolutely instrumental in my recovery.  Her original diagnosis and continued treatment has enabled me to get back both running and cycling.  Our original goal was for me to be “pain free” (which seems obvious) but this would have been unthinkable just eight months ago, when I would have been happy to be able to sneeze without holding onto a fixed object.  I was originally reassured by Emily’s professionalism and technical approach but also impressed by her ability to adapt my recovery programme as my flexibility, mobility and capability improved.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emily."

Dan Andrews



For a free 20 minute massage taster, please contact Emily on 07852 746999 or email