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Fitness Function Studio Interior
Exercise and healthy eating are intrinsically linked if you’re serious about losing weight, changing shape and getting fitter.  But fad diets are not the way to go, nor do you need to spend vast sums of money on expensive food substitutes and meal plans. 

For sustainable weight loss and great health, you’re best off taking a holistic approach and incorporating small, incremental changes into your lifestyle and nutrition.  But it’s important that you knows the facts and are professionally guided in the right direction.

The Fitness Function has teamed up with YOUtrition, a local weight loss and nutrition specialist, to offer our clients safe, sustainable advice and programmes.  Information and recommendations are given on areas such as healthy foods and alternatives, portion sizing, calorie awareness, the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of what we eat, changing eating habits and how to stay on track.

More details on YOUtrition can be found at:

Or contact Sonia Grimes on 07973 359135 or

Would you like to lose weight? Are you training for an event or just confused about what you should and shouldn't be eating?

To get the best results from your fitness programme and feel in top form, you need to be eating the right foods. A one-to-one nutrition consultation will give you a personalised healthy eating plan for life. No fads or gimmicks. We take a pragmatic approach to nutrition, based on real foods that fit into your daily life.

For more information on Pragmatic Nutrition see

Alternatively, you could join a Body Boost programme to kick start your weight loss. This exclusive programme combines personalised dietary advice with small group fitness sessions and personalised fitness tips.

It is a six week intensive programme that includes:

* 2 x 45 min small group exercise classes per week, with a fully trained instructor at Fitness Function studios
* plus weekly fitness tips tailored to your needs and ability
* 3 x sessions with Pragmatic Nutrition, giving tailored recommendations for an initial weight loss phase
* followed by development of an eating plan for long term sustainable weight management

The Body Boost programme costs just £165 which includes all 15 sessions, a personalised eating plan and tailored fitness tips. Spaces are limited to six people per programme.

To register your interest in Body Boost or to book a Pragmatic Nutrition consultation, contact Philippa Hatch on 07787 254894 or