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Advice for runners

Planning to run a 5K or marathon? 
Make sure you are in tip top shape with our all round training tips.


Get yourself runner ready with the Fitness Function
When training for any running event there are many hours that go into getting yourself ready, mentally and physically. Whether it is months of early mornings, late nights or weekend runs just to get up the miles to complete the race. Making sure you give yourself the best possible opportunity to finish the race is key.

Taking care of your body throughout your training is very important. That includes not just doing the running element of physical fitness. You need to integrate other forms of exercise such as core strength training, strength training and flexibility training. Adding these elements into your training program will make you more successful both in training and on the day.

Fitness Function, one of the top Gravity Training studios in the UK based in Penn Street in Bucks have pulled together their top training tips in the lead up to your big run.

It’s not just about the run:
  • Core strength training is so important to give you stability throughout your run. This can be in the form of Pilates and yoga and functional training classes such as GRAVITY using the Total Gym machine, you can also do specific flexibility classes – however you will also get these benefits from participating in a regular yoga or Pilates class
  • Sports Massage it a great way of relieving tightness through the legs and lower back and it helps to prevent muscle soreness, and also helps to get rid of any lactic acid build up in the muscles from training.
Eating right:
  • Make sure you refuel properly in between runs, eating both carbohydrate and protein. This ensures at endurance level that muscles stays healthy to minimise muscle damage.
  • Make sure you eat healthy and nutritious foods whilst training, so that you get all the correct vitamins and minerals you need.
  • Practice running and refuelling using gel packs which you can get from any good running shop. It’s essential that you train with them and don’t leave it until the day. The same principle applies with taking on board water and energy drinks.
All the gear and the right idea:
  • Have the right trainers with good shock absorption to run in. It’s a great idea if you can afford to have two pairs the same so you can train in one and then a few weeks before the event start to use the second pair so that they are comfortable for the big event
  • For the ladies, it is always a wise investment to have a good sports bra when doing any form of high impact exercise, not only just for running!
Julie Burfoot-Brown, owner at Fitness Function says: “Training for a run takes up a lot of time and so it is important you find a routine that works for you. It’s also key to incorporate rest days in to your training programme; this allows the body not only to rest and recover, but also to repair the muscles from the training.”